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A Look into Apaiser – a World Class Product Delivered Globally

If you’re looking for a company that can make your bath time experience more luxurious, then look no further than Apaiser. They are one of the world’s leading suppliers to luxury resorts and hotels with their custom-made stone composite tiles being used in some amazing places like The Breakers Hotel & Resort Palm Beach where they have been installed since 2005 on various surfaces including flooring as well!

Located in Melbourne, Australia Apaiser is a leader when it comes to luxury bathware. Their skillful artisans handcraft the pieces and ship them around world before delivering an exclusive product that you will love. The company’s philosophy has always revolved around creating intimate sanctuaries for their customers with beautiful natural materials such as stone composite basins or shower trays paired perfectly by their high-quality plumbing fixtures made from Australian brass + copper alloys which give off no rusting ever while staying ductile enough not be brittle nor crack under pressure – this ensures durability over time so they will last longer.

The designers at Apaiser have created a bespoke design using only the finest natural ingredients, carefully selected for their unique properties. The company prides itself on offering customers high-quality products with sustainable practices and excellent customer service in every aspect of the business – from creating customised shapes or colour finishes to delivering it across borders worldwide.

Apaisers is committed not just to providing sustainably sourced materials but also ensuring that all aspects involved during production process meet industry standards so you can be sure about what comes out when designing some new masterpiece!

Apaiser has worked on some of the most renown buildings worldwide delivering a product that the company and the world are proud to have in their buildings – a world-world class product.


GuangZhou, Abu Dhabi, Tahiti, Sydney, Maldives, Toronto – Four Seasons

Shanghai’s – Ritz Carlton

Aspen and Dubai – St Regis

New York City and Bogota – W Hotel

Crown Towers – City of Dreams

London, New York and Miami’s – Marriott International Hotels

Bali’s – Inter Continental 

Biloxi’s – Hard Rock

New Your – Park Hyatt (New York)

Have you ever wanted to relax in a spa-like atmosphere? Apaiser stone bathware offers the perfect solution with its luxurious designer collections, available globally from their two showrooms. The Melbourne location is at 344 Burnley St in Richmond while Singapore has 23 Mosque Street right off Raffles Blvd where there’s plenty of free parking nearby.